Key to Distance Putting


Practice Throws
A good tool to help you judge distance and speed is to toss a golf ball toward the hole before putting. This allows your mind to know how far away the hole is.

Practice Strokes
After you have thrown the ball, immediately begin your putting practice strokes. Move the putter back and forth to get a feel for the distance.

Precision Putting
After following this routine, setup to the ball and execute the putt. You will be amazed how much this drill improves your distance putts.

9 thoughts on “Key to Distance Putting

    • Tom–I’m from the school of using this drill to become a better distance putter. You have to train your eyes to determine your feel. Once this is done–you are on your way.

  1. Shawn, is this a drill you are recommending on the practice green or actually a method to use on the course (minus the underhand practice, obviously)? If it is the latter (use it on the course), it seems it would just add to the already slow play problem.

    • Actually Phil–I would play around with it on the practice green as well as the golf course. I can assure you it will do nothing but make you a better distance putter. Since most the slow play is done on the green–because everyone is waiting on the other to putt. This will eliminate 3-putts and speed up play. Give it a try!! Shawn

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