Key to Drawing the Ball

From the Inside
On the downswing, you should feel like the club is coming to the inside. This is the signature "inside" move that is essential for a draw.

To the Right
Point the club to the right immediately after impact. This will get the club circling to the right and give you more of an arching motion of the golf club.

8 thoughts on “Key to Drawing the Ball

  1. Hi Shawn,

    Looking at your swing tip “key to drawing the ball” it appears that you have a one plane swing. Am I correct, or are you using a variation there of?


    • Don,
      My golf swing is far from a single plane swing. It has two distinct planes as I teach and train by. Please check out all my training videos, DVD’s, articles in Golf Mag, and as well as the Elite Golf Academy. Single Plane is not something I adhere to. Thanks–Shawn

  2. Every Wed I receive the Hump Day Golf Tip. At the end of each tip, Shawn says, “For an extended version of this tip, go to my web site…” Well, I’m already at the web site when I watch the Hump Day tip. But I can’t find the extended version on your site. Where exactly are the extended versions?

    Kevin Smith

    • Kevin, These videos are designed for Golf Magazines website ( and dont have the extended version of editorial and pictorials on The extended version of the video clip is on our site. If you are receiving our email directly you automatically receive the extenede version. Sh

  3. I love every tip you have provided. With an increased confidence, I hit the ball further and straighter. In fact, I had to redo my card showing my estimated distance per club. I’m recovering from another shoulder arthroscopy this month and look forward to trying the tip on hitting a draw.

    Thanks, Ed

  4. Shawn,
    I have read “two steps to a perfect golf swing” which has really helped my swing with the irons and rescue clubs. I am, however, having difficulties with my three wood and driver, why should that be the case? Do I just DROP the hands keeping my right shoulder back and not dropping the right shoulder as you advocate in the book or should I Pull the hands down from the top down with the butt of the club pointing to the right as this video seems to suggest with the driver and three wood. I would add that I am a 61 year old 26 hcp player and therefore not the most flexible of players and I therefore like the idea of hands first and hold back the shoulders. If I use the drop method how do I increase my club head speed?

    I understand that your dvds will not play on the UK system so I cannot use them but have you written any other books that I can buy and if so where can I get a copy?

    Excellent videos-keep them coming


    • John–a quick answer to your question. I would recommend getting my “Repeating Swing Blue Print” DVD set. Its a game changer. As soon as you purchase it please email us at and let us know to email you the link so you can download the version for you to gain immediate access. Thanks and hope you enjoy the DVD.

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