8 thoughts on “Key to Solid Contact

  1. Hi Shawn,
    Is the stick pointing at the target or in between your feet and the target line?Can of hard to tell from the video.Thank,Gary

      • Hi Shawn,
        Thanks for pointing that out for me.It’s kind of hard to see which way the sticks pointing because of the angle of the video.If it was taken from behind it would have been more clear.I guess I should pay more attention.Thanks and keep up your great tips.I really enjoy them and way you explain things.I love the way you say “Hump Day”.
        Best regards and Happy New Year to you and you family.


  2. Where do you practice this?that looks alot like our green you was playing from.we dont have any practice area on our golf coarse?

  3. Hi shawn ! happy new year. I ve been looking forward and always follow your humps day golf tip which i find them very useful and very clear the way you execute them. Im trying to order your short game series package but it seems that its only available in the states
    and I’m from the philippines. Do you have any suggestion how can i avail one ? thank you

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