Keys to a Great Takeaway


Step 1:

Place two tour sticks on the ground. Stand so that your feet line up about six inches away from the inner tour stick.

Step 2:

Take a third tour stick and lay it on the ground so that it touches the inside of your left heel and intersects with the inner tour stick.

Step 3:

Move your right foot into position so that your toe touches the third tour stick.

Step 4:

As you turn your shoulders back and hinge your wrist, the club’s shaft should be parallel to the third tour stick.

Step 5:

Continue the motion for a nice, sequenced backswing.

6 thoughts on “Keys to a Great Takeaway

  1. It would have been interesting to have seen a front on view.
    This would show how far apart your feet were as this of course changes the angle of the stick. Does this in fact matter too much ?
    Apart from that a great idea that I intend to try out.
    Regards Robert

  2. Is the club parallel to the ground when it lines up with the third stick? I thought it reaches parallel when it is even with the toe line – and parallel with the target line.
    Thanks for all the tips. I have your DVDs. After all these years, I’m finally trying to swing the club correctly.

    • Mark–don’t read in to this. Just make it Parallel to the ground and not don’t let the shaft get inside the tour sticks and you will be ok.

  3. Hope this is covered in your Blueprint DVD – haven’t gotten to that disk yet, just finished disc 1. Thanks for your video instruction.

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