7 thoughts on “Keys to Judging Wind

  1. hi shawn ! i find your golf tips very useful and helpful . i look forward in learning more from your humps day. thanks a lot

    • Mike–actually its the worst indicator. Reason being the wind is less detected close to the ground unless your measuring the heat coming from the ground called miraging. Tops of trees outside of water and mirage are the best. I’ve spent years around marksmen and they have the best measurements. The most effective is mirage. Taking a scope from a riffle or range finder and bluring out the image and you can see the heat coming from the ground the actual direction the wind is blowing the heat coming from the earth. That’s truly the most effective way.

  2. I had been enjoyed your video but recently I was told that “This video is not playble on this player”. It is ipad2 that I have been using to see your video. Can I hear your explanation on this change? Thanks and regards, KM

  3. Hi everyone! You might be having problems viewing the video on tablet or mobile devices. We’re working to get that issue resolved as soon as possible. There was a problem with the video hosting service we’re using. Sorry for the inconvenience…

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