14 thoughts on “Maintain Your Putting Feel

  1. Shawn,
    Your videos are a big help, thank you. I am 6’4″ do you recommend a little longer shaft than standard for some one my height?

    • Mike–if you don’t have clubs that are at least a 1/2 inch longer you are missing out. I’m 6’4″ and mine are 1″ longer.

  2. Shaun, I have tried many different putting strokes but have not been able to determine which stroke is best for me .Is there a drill or two that I can use to determine which stroke is best for me .

    Hank K

  3. I have been playing golf since 1955. I have tried swing your v’s, and most of the time using my left side for the power. I just tried your suggestion to use your right hand and my putts are going so straight and true. this should improve my game by 5 to 10 strokes.

  4. Hi Shawn,
    I’ve got a question about this… When learning to put, the most important lesson I’ve got was NOT to use my arms, let the stroke 100% come from my shoulder movement, like an old style clock… Won’t this exercise kind of creeping the arm usage into your putting?

    • Tamas–Their is a balance and their is more arm movement than shoulder. You develop feel with your hands and arms–not with your shoulders–bottom line.

  5. Shaun,
    I was trying out a new putter with mixed results, so I began one handed putting with my right hand only. This improved my putting immediately. Was I doing something wrong with my left hand on the putter or should I just putt with my right hand? Your thoughts

    • Richard–you were holding the club too tight in your left hand. That’s why you’re experiencing inconsistency in your putting. The left hand is very light and the rigth hand controlls the movement.

  6. I watched John Daly on the practice green for the Tampa Bay Championship going thru this procedure. In addition he had about a 24oz drink in his left hand. Do you recommend this counterbalance act!!

  7. Shawn.
    I am left handed but play right handed. Should I put lett handed for better control as sometimes I leave he face open and the ball drifts either side…

    • Reena–if you putt right handed you use your right hand as stated. I’m left handed as well and play right.

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