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  1. Shawn: I just reviewed your video regarding chipping around the green, and I wish to commend you on your teaching methodology. I have also reviewed previous “hump-day” videos, and feel the same way about them. As it happens, I will be playing a round in about an hour, and can’t wait to put your techniques into play. I know right now they will lower my score!!! Thank you.

  2. Shawn,

    Is this to be used as a chipping technique or as a drill to get the feel of the wrists in the shot. I thought that the there was a combination of taking it back with the shoulders, setting the wrists, and the coming through with the shoulders while holding the wrist set.

  3. Hello Mr.Shawn
    First of all, I want to say thanks for all lessons. It is very useful for me. May I ask something about shank in a short distance? I have a hard time to play short game. What kind of tips do you have to get rid of shank in a short game? Thanks 🙂

    • Victor–you are coming over the top on your chips shots just as you do in your full swing. The reaso you don’t shank it in your full swing–the swing is longer and you have time to correct. The chip shot is the shortest move we make to hit a shot–other than putting. You have to change your swing on the chip shot. Please go to my Hump Days on the home page and look at the archieved Hump Day titled “Habits Follow You Around Chipping”. This will give you a clear picture.

    • Doug, This drill is the key to getting the club into the back of the ball. If you practice this–its truly amazing.

  4. As a golf nut with a single digit handicap, I’m always looking for competent professional help! Most teachers have a technique which they teach but which doesn’t apply to everyone. As I draw the ball my problems are usually left but occasionally blocked right. Watching one video segment on the backswing solved, Solved, SOLVED that problem! This guy is good!

    • Jon–thankks for the note! So good to hear we are helping the better players as well and not leaving anyone out. Keep up the good work, and again I appreicate the kind words.

  5. What is the proper angle of the pitching club face?? (Open,or closed)
    I’m having a lot of chipping problems. Please Help!!

    • Tommy–thank you for the question. You mention pitching club face then your having problems with chipping. On Chipping the face is very square to closed. On pitching I would recommend squre to slightly open

  6. Great tip ,Shawn ,thank you for emphasising that the wrists shuld remain “alive “.I should add that in order not to skull the ball or hit it fat ,I always look in front of the ball while making the very short thruswing in order to be sure acheive a descending blow (In front of the ball means the side which is closer to the target ).I also put most of my weight on the front leg and open very sligthly to the target line .
    Now please teach us the formula to choose the proper club depending on the carry and the run of the ball .
    I am 78 and still play to a 7 Handicap thanks to my excellent short game =Pitches +Chips +Putting .The distance on my long game is receding year by year despite all the stretching and drills I do every day at my home !

  7. Shawn, a few weeks ago I purchased your full swing DVD and it has helped me a great deal.The one area I am having trouble with is with my driver trying to get my arms to fall in the correct position as I start the downswing to stike the ball. I seem to do it fine with my short irons but with my driver I have not been successful.
    Is there a drill I could do that will help me get my arms to fall at the right time and into the right position?
    Your instuction is excellent as it is simple and easy to follow.

    Hank (Age 70)

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