Mastering Your Distance Wedges


Step 1: 8 o’clock

For this drill, start by using your sand wedge. Turn your arms back and do a full shoulder turn. At the top of your swing, have your left arm stop at 8 o’clock. Follow through and watch to see how far you are able to hit the ball with this combination.

Step 2: 9 o’clock

Change up the first step by allowing your arms to turn back to 9 o’clock on the backswing. Follow through and see how much further the ball goes.

Step 3: 10 o’clock

Repeat the drill and let your arms stop at 10 o’clock. Compare how far you are able to hit the club with this combination. Then, repeat steps 1-3 with your gap wedge and your pitching wedge.

4 thoughts on “Mastering Your Distance Wedges

  1. I enjoy your short golf tips. Of the many video tips I get, yours are the best since they are short, concise and without too much “talking”… GREAT!
    I’ve passed on your contact info to several of my golf friends for access to your blueprint series.

    I have a grange question; in your video tips you often wear a blue & light blue sleeveless pullover with gathered waist. I have looked to find a similar pullover… do you market this
    clothing line or what brand are these? Hope you can advise.
    Many thanks.

  2. I particularly like how you encapsulate the essentials in such a short time. Excellent communication skills, as opposed to…some others who waffle on ad nauseam.

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