Never Miss Hit a Chip Shot Again


Shift to the Left
As you chip, you are always trying to get your feet to roll to the left. This gets your weight shifted to the left so that you’ll have more of a downward movement into the back of the ball. Most importantly, this will encourage you to get solid impact.

Hands Forward
Because of the downhill lie, your body has to be very angled to the left and your hands are forward in order to reach impact. This drill reinforces good habits in your chip shots.

Stay Down
Chipping off a downhill lie encourages you to stay down through the impact zone. This creates a solid impact into the back of the ball.

17 thoughts on “Never Miss Hit a Chip Shot Again

  1. Shawn has omitted the most important element of the chip shot in today’s lesson. That lesson, I learned from Doug Tewell, is that on any chip shot the hands are placed in front of the ball at address, and NEVER GET BEHIND THE BALL AT ANY TIME DURING THE SWING! Couple this single point with the careful attention to never decreasing the speed of the club on the downswing and the golfer is guaranteed to have solid contact on every chip shot.

    • John,
      Placing the hands forward are a given on any chip shot. As I do address in the graphics and editorial under the video clip. However if one wants to learn to hit crips chip shots. Chipping off down-hill (The Drill) lies create all the important elements to better chipping. Thanks for the comment and Happy Hump Day!

  2. Shawn:
    Excellent point. Thank you. But one related question. Despite keeping my hands forward, and placing more weight and lean to the left, every so often I squirt a chip 45 degrees or so off line to the right.

    What would make me do this?

    Bruce Anderson

    • Bruce, I hope Shawn sees your question as that same thing happens to me occasionally as well. Good question!!

      • That kind of shot is typically caused by shanking the ball off the hosel (I went through some tough rounds dealing with this). What caused this for me was my right knee coming too far forward above my right foot, causing an outside-in swing path and contact with the hosel. This was fixed by moving my right knee more towards the target on the downswing. Hope that helps!

        • Hey Gang,
          Sorry to get back with you so late. Have been in team training this afternoon.
          Here are a few thoughts. More importantly–understanding what causes the shot. Since most players have a tendency to use too much body in full swing–they do the same in all other areas of their game as well. So what’s happening? Your right shoulder is going down towards the ball changing the angle of impact, just as you do in your full swing. Solution? Hold your right shoulder up and fully extend your hands and arms forward through impact. The feeling? You will feel as if your arms are extending away from your body. This will definitely correct your shank-opotamus. 🙂 Shawn

    • Hi Shawn:
      I have played golf for over 50 years and almost always learn a new, important tip from your Hump Day series. I particularly appreciate your willingness to share your very impressive skills and drills for free with the golfing public, with no assurance that anyone will ultimately buy any of your training aids or attend one of your golf schools. I have recommended your school to several younger friends.
      Only one question at this point. My May 4 comment, above says a reply is “awaiting moderation.” Any chance that I will yet receive a reply to the question in my May 4 comment?
      Bruce H. Anderson

  3. Shawn what about a very steep down hill lie? The type of lie that you are just almost parallel to the hill.

    • Richard,
      You will need to go to a higher lofted club, tilt your shoulders / body on on the lay of the land, and the ball position is more in the middle of the stance because of the steep slope. Sh

  4. A super senior still playing well who admires your teaching methods. I always pick up something from your sessions to reinforce parts of my game that need a tweek. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    • Sigweon–Thank you! Thank you! Really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. FYI–We have so many young Asian golfers in our youth training academy. We will keep providing the content. Thanks again! Sh

  5. Shawn,

    All excellent advise! But how do I stop the dreaded “Chicken Wing?”

    I have tried shifting my weight forward during the downswing, rotating my hips to initiate the downswing, leading with the left arm, but that darn chicken wing still haunts me! Help!

    • Brian–not sure what you’re struggling with. Players have them on the back swing as well as the through swing. The are both a by product of the arms getting accross the body and the core not turning first. If you truly want to get rid of the chicken wing–check out my Two Step Training Course. This training will truly help you.

  6. Shawn-I played a round of golf play in Swaziland(Royal Swazi)this past weekend without being able to practice at a driving range (closed as tees have new grass planted).I am 58 years old
    I had 2 pars and 4 one overs) I attribute this to following your chipping and pitching lessons. At least 12 of my chips/short pitches left me with putts of less than 15 foot.I holed 2 and others were very close to the hole.The cherry was a 28 yard pitch which was dead on line and stopped 2 inches from the hole.I last played golf in 2005 with the exception of 2 rounds at one of South Africa’s most physical golf courses at Pezula.I was a 18 handicap previously with my problems being chipping and long offline drives. It looks like my chipping will be improved substantially in the near future.
    Congratulations on your excellent teaching methods

    • Christoper–thank you for the detailed post. Hopefully it will not be antoher 7 years before you get back out on the golf course. Appreciate you kind words and chipping the ball close. Sh

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