New Grip Pressure


Setup to the ball and grip the club as lightly as you can. This is 1. Then, grip it as tightly as possible. This is a 10. At address, your grip should be between those two pressures at a 5.

As you turn the club back, your grip pressure should change from a 5 to a 7 at the top of your swing.

At impact, your grip pressure should increase from a 7 to a 9. This process will give you more consistency and allow you to square the clubface at impact.

12 thoughts on “New Grip Pressure

  1. Just bought the short game precision dvd. I had some success today using the ratios, notably where I saved bogey on the 18th after dropping a shot in the water.

    Could you please evaluate my 1,2,3,4 using my set which is:

    58 lw
    54 sw
    48 gw
    44 pw
    40 9 iron
    36 8 iron



    • Anthony — below is your break out of your ratio clubs.

      58 lw = 1
      54 sw = 1
      48 gw = 2
      44 pw = 2
      40 9 iron = 3
      36 8 iron = 4

      • Thank you very much. I thought I might be incorporating the 58 degree. When would I use the 58 vs the 54?

        I plan on practising with the new ratio break out tomorrow.


  2. shawn
    been recieving you tips for a while and enjoy them.been very heiplful in adding consistent center hits and much better ball flight now hitting fades and draws at will
    thanks sooo much
    terry small

  3. Dear Shawn> I been awaiting all my life for someone like you to explain in detail and slowly the swing. I love your CD I can hardly wait to try every day a different drill > Now I understand the motions and logic of the swing. Thanks…………………………………

  4. I’ve followed advice from hundreds of pros and instructors over the years, read countless books, listened to many videos. Shawn, your instruction is some of the best I’ve ever encountered. You are truly a great instructor. Thanks for the help!

    • John, thank you for the kind comments. I appreciate that you are so well read on the other instructors and that we make the cut with you on your game. Thanks and keep swinging.

  5. Dear Shawn Humphries:

    Recently received your instruction on CD “Repeating Swing Blueprint” and found your explanations very rewarding. I would like to know the price and availability for the complete short game?

    Very much obliged,
    Walter Zashin

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