Perfect Chipping Angles


Step 1:
Create your training station with a Tour Stick, tee, and golf ball. Place the tour stick in the ground so that the tip is about 16 inches in the air. Tee the ball 6 inches in front of where the tour stick touches the ground.

Step 2:
Take your normal setup. Work the club back. Remember that your angle is not steep enough if your club brushes the Tour Stick going back.

Step 3:
Work the club down to create a descending blow going into the ground. Brush the tee out of the ground and hold your angle through impact. (NOTE: You do NOT want to scoop the ball going through impact.)

7 thoughts on “Perfect Chipping Angles

  1. Just traded my Hogan edge cavity back irons for a similar set hogan apex plus . Same shaft and my question is I am hitting my irons better on the sweet spot and more accurate but I am coming up shorter than my other irons. It may be just me but the wind was blowing in my face and that could have had an effect on my distance. Any suggestions? I was playiing my 8,9 and pitching iron back in my stance but now I play them in the middle , I am 5’8 and 217 and hit my 4 iron the other day 172 stiff on an island green and it checked up best shot of the day, keep up the good work and put me back on wed hump day . Thad, naturally left handed but i always swing right handed

    • Thad–I would check the loft on the clubs. Good chance they are off. Its a good idea to have them checked every year. Also on the Hump Day. You will need to register on the home page under “Fix Your Swing Series” My admin mentioned you opted out of the Hump Day. The only way you can get the Hump Day is registering for the Swing Series. Sh

  2. Hello Sean,
    I am a beginner at the game. Starting at 68 years old and I love it. Watching your tips has helped me so much. Your instructions are so easy to follow. Thanks for your help.

    Bonita Bennett

  3. Dear Shawn,

    In using my 9 iron, 7 iron and pitching wedge, I somtimes hit the ground before the ball. I can’t seem to have a clear hit on the ball. Do I play all three clubs in the middle of my stance, and do I stand a little closer to the ball.

    Thank you,

    • Bill,
      Yes–keep all the short irons in the middle of your stance like the ball position trainer shows. The reason you are hitting behind the ball–your swing is too steep. Need to shallow out your down swing. Little practice swing above the ground will help you shallow it out. Shawn

    • Bill,
      Yes–please play those clubs in the middle of your stance. Most likely your club is getting too steep on the down swing. And standing closer to the ball will definitely help you.

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