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  1. Shawn;
    The tips are coming through just fine, Thanks for ALL the great tips. I have tried all of them and I must say, they all work. I am very Thankful for your tip about how far from the ball you should stand, well I tried your tip and NOW I hit EVERY shot in the middle of the club face. All most every shot goes straight and where I aimed it.
    Thanks again, Del

      • Golf Pro Shawn,
        Your tips have impacted very positively on my entitre game of golf. It’s amazing! to see my golf shots landing not too far from where I intended to drop them. Men! you are the best in the world!!
        I play more consistently now & my gross has improved. I sure will get a lot more of your DVDs. Do not stop giving us these tips.

        • Tanko–These Hump Day tips are just a taste of what we offer in our DVD training. If you like the tips–you will love the DVD’s.

  2. Shawn:

    My country is Mexico i am very interesting for your videos, could you advice, what is the better way to do it?
    my best regards

    • Pedro–please sign up on the home page of my site. Fix your swing series–once you do this you will receive free video training as well as the specials we offer each week. You will receive these specials via email. Thank you in advance for your business.

  3. Now, THAT was a good tip. I’m a 6hdcp and I never thought of the pitch/chip take away in that manner. Excellent. Thank you
    Mike in Lancaster, PA.

  4. Shawn, I’ve enjoyed your tips for a while now and I was wondering if you might be available for some private, one-on-one lessons. I live in the Dallas area and I am retired and flexible for scheduling something. Currently, I have a 13 handicap and occasionally shoot in the 70’s. I want to be able to consistently shoot in the 70’s and I believe I have that ability. I play at Heritage Ranch in Fairview, an Arthur Hills course that’s very challenging. I played both high school and college golf and, once upon a time, regularly shot in the 70’s. I believe what I need is someone w/ a good eye who can give me some direction and prectice drills to correct my flaws that are holding me back. Look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know your thoughts and what your charges might be for a series of lessons. I would prefer not to take any group lessons or long term packages. Thanks.

    Ken Foley

    • Del–Thanks! Pitching is one of the main keys. If one can pitch the ball you have an opportunity to play at a higher level. Sh

  5. Shawn
    In the UK what you call a pitch shot we call a chip shot. I was hoping to find some instruction on pitching ie. full pitching , gap and lob wedge shots – can you dirct me to a Hump Day tip that would assist ?

    • Ian–thanks for the note. We have shot several hundreds of the Hump Days. I would go through the archives or you may want to purchase our Hump Day DVD. This has my best Hump Days on the DVD.

  6. Shawn,

    Just viewed your video on the pitch shot and was wondering if there is any break in the wrist? Or, is it like a putt…no break?



    • Oh, sorry. Forgot to add…I looooove your videos. I avidly wait for “HUMP DAYS”. Use everything that you show. Deleted the “other” golf video instruction sites. Yours is the best. I think that as soon as my fincancial situation gets better, your videos will be THE ONE that I will purchase. I have never purchased any videos ever. But yours look simple and works great for me.



  7. On this video it would have been more informative to see a shot from the side. This pitch shot looks like a long chip and there is no break in the wrists?

    • John–the goal here is not showing the face on view. The key is addressing the tendency of the recreational golfer of taking the club too far inside on the back swing and usinng tour sticks as a guide to managne and change those tendencies. And yes the wrists do hinge–its the only way the club works up in the back swing. If the wrist didn’t hinge the club would stay on the ground and work its way too far inside.

    • Don–the second stick is your ball line. The key to using the tour-sticks–make sure you set your ball line / target line first. Then place the second stick parallel to that line. The second stick represents your feet line. If you do this your will be setup square to your intended line.

  8. I tried your chipping tip using the two dowel rods for directional assistance and control of backswing path. Incredibly,the third chip went in the hole and I had very few mishits. I can’t wait to practice some more. The tip regarding 2 to 5 practice swings, grounding the club and stepping into the shot seems helpful also. Thanks

  9. shawn is there a differences in chip shot and pitch shot as i have seen your video. To me it looks like for chip shot your break your wrist and for pitch you bring the club 4inch away from your foot and inside the ball line. pls help me understand .tks

    • Shan–Please look on the home page of my site. The article on Perfect Pitch Shots address the pitch move. On Pitch you must incorporate shoulder turn to pitch the ball.

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