Picking the Right Club

Why It Matters
Around the green, the heights of your shots are very important. It is crucial to know this information when trying to get up and down around the green.

Ball Height For Each Club
Step on your club to see how high the ball will travel for that club. Use this exercise for your irons and wedges to gain a better understanding of your clubs.

5 thoughts on “Picking the Right Club

  1. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for Hump Day DVD 1 for a while. I even kind of bugged you a few times to create one. I’ am going to send your link to all my golf buddies. Can’t wait for future volumn’s, keep up the good work.

    Thanks Mike.

  2. I gave this tip about steeping on the club get an idea about loft to a High School golfer. She said she was penalized in a tournament for doing this. Is this a rules infraction during tournamnet play?

    • What rule was she penalized for? You can actually lay a club down on your feet–check your alignment, and as long as you lift the club off your line before you hit–there is no penaly. There is not for stepping on the club during tournament play. I would recommend that she carry a rule book in her bag and next time there is a rules situation, she can refer to the book.

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