Pinpoint Your Takeaway


Step 1:
Setup with your driver and a Tour Stick.

Step 2:
Place the Tour Stick on the inside part of your left foot angling toward your right toe.

Step 3:
Take the club back following the line of the Tour Stick. This is the perfect movement for the takeaway and backswing.

3 thoughts on “Pinpoint Your Takeaway

    • Jim– The extended version is what you see on this page (see above). Each week Shawn provides a pictorial break-down of each element of the instruction on his website. This breakdown is not available on the website.

  1. Hello Shawn: I have purchased in the past two years your training videos–the first was How to Build A Repeating Swing and second was the Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing. I applied your teachings to my golf game, but since I did not perfect my swing I gave up and went back to old ways. Since nothing worked I decided to look again at the video “Two Steps—–. I saw immediate results and I am anxious to continue. I saw on one of your short videos on line that you were swinging the club, but did not use your method of setup. Also I have a problem fully using the two step with the driver. I can see how this method will help my game. I am losing distance as I am getting older (79), but feel I can still improve. Any suggestions?? Roger Kenny

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