4 thoughts on “Pitch Shot Strategy

  1. The other day your Hump Day tip was about club over right shoulder on backswing. In my mind I have trouble with this thought and your Position 2. Position 2 seems to work better short of club over shoulder thought. The club may get there but for me its better when I don’t try to put it there.. Where am I going wrong…

    • Marty–you are not doing anything wrong. Please understand I produce 52 weeks a year of tips for Hump day and have for many years. They are tips–short and sweet.
      I say the same thing many different ways to connect to the golfer. Same thing said a million different ways. Keep working the 2 Step Training its just another way to get the results. Sh

    • Gary–why do you need more hip turn at impact. Honestly the last thing the recreational player needs at impact is hip turn. Your forcus should abe on your your upper body, arms and most importantly the golf club. Your hips are not going to correct your ball flight and that’s what I would pay close attention to. sh

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