Pitching is Full Swing

As you work to correct problems with your full swing, make sure that you work on those same issues in your pitch shots. Because pitching is an extension of your full swing, your bad (and good) habits follow you to your pitch shots. So whether you are working on your setup, takeaway, backswing, or any other element of your full swing, you should also work on those same issues in your pitch shots.


Full Swing
These two images demonstrate how the full swing movement and the pitching movement compliment one another.

Notice how the shaft is virtually on the same angle on both your pitch and full swing. On the pitch shot, the shaft works its way up over the right forearm. This also happens in the full swing. Notice how in the full swing picture, the shaft has crossed the right forearm and works its way to the top.

3 thoughts on “Pitching is Full Swing

  1. Can’t really agree with that. At least not at a low index player level. For short pitches, up to 30 or so yards, the sequence is very different than a full 6 iron from 180.

    • Peter–not concerned whether you agree with me or not. The sequence is NOT different and the full swing is a reflection of your pitch shot and vise-versa. Has nothing to do with a low index player. If you are that and you take the club low and inside as a low handicap with your wedge–you do this with a long club. Its about habits. Being a low handicap player has nothing to do with what we are talking about. You habits are innate and follow you around from one shot to the next. Jim Furyk has the same movement with his wedges as he does with his driver!!! If you don’t believe me just watch his movement. Thank you!

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