8 thoughts on “Pitching Training Your Line

  1. Great tip. I used to work with a previous tip you gave, putting the ball between two sticks. I think that this is better.

    Question: why do I shank my chip sometime? I realize there may be many reasons, but perhaps you can indicate the most frequent reason (s).


    • David–first you hit the ball off the heel or hosel of the face. If you watched my last webinar you would truly understand how this happens.
      Need to try and hit it off the toe of the club.

  2. You always have great tips and it is greatly appreciated.
    My question is: I have a Hybrid pitching wedge and is their a difference between with the hybrid and a regular pitching wedge?

    • Bill–absolutely their a difference between a hybrid wedge and and a conventional wedge. I would recommend going into your local golf retail shop and comparing the two. You will definitely see the difference.

  3. Great stuff, as usual. I’ve been hitting pitches and chips out a bit off the toe for years and could not stop it while somehow shooting high 70s to low 80s. This was driving me nuts. Used to be WAY open on these shots. Tried squaring it up at address and it worked. You’re the best!

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