Punch Shots


Slide your hands midway on the grip. Turn the toe of the club down to keep the ball coming off low.

Your ball position should be between the middle of your stance and your right foot. Create a forward shaft lean by shifting your weight to the left.

Hold Your Finish
The clubface doesn’t pass your hands, so it looks like a more aggressive version of a chip shot.

4 thoughts on “Punch Shots

  1. I am not sure what you mean by “turn the toe down” and it was not possible to see what you did on the video. could you explain that move?

    • Mark–you have to do this in order to understand it. Just turn the toe of the club down towards the ground.

  2. Shawn, how many clubs up do you go with this shot? In this demo, you hit a 6 iron from 150, would you normally hit a 7 or 8? I am assuming 2 club-lengths is about right to assume for the distance adjustment. Thanks, love your tips.

    • Jim–you have to go to the course or practice facility and see what works for you. Its all about controlling the height of the ball.

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