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    The biggest problem in golf today.
    Your tip, no matter how helpful, will slow the pace of play.
    PLEASE be sure that future tips will not slow the pace of play.

    • Jim–pace of play is not the issue. What slows down play–players 3-4-and even 5 putting and their buddies waiting on them to follow suite to do the same thing. The way to speed up play is reduce strokes and that’s done by reducing 3 putts. The average putt on the green for the recreational golfer is 30 feet. The average distance they 3 putt from is 30 feet. More putts more time spent. Less putts–less time spent. Bottom Line.

  2. Noooooo! The average chopper is way way way too slow as it is and you are telling them to do all of that too… If you are really unsure yes but in general just get on with it. Watching guys like Furyk is like pulling teeth; give me Snedeker/McIlroy anyday. At least tell them to do all of that while others are putting so when it is their turn GO!

    • John–If you don’t think Snedeker doesn’t build a strategy before he putts–you are missing the boat. They all do!! Some are faster at pulling the trigger. It has to be porporsionate to each persons style. And on many occasions I’ve seen Snedeker rush too many putts. On the other hand Furyk has twice the amount of victories Brandt has. So his is definitely doing something right. None the less the recreational golfer doesn’t build a strategy on a regular basis. And they would reduce 3 puts if that did. And that’s the fastest way to lower your score–period!

  3. Respectfully, yes, everyone’s concerned about pace of play.

    My suggestions would be to start with “continuous putting”. However…

    I, for one, need a putting strategy. While I’ve been working on speed and stroke I have a tendency to rush and misread putts i.e. that one last look from the “bottom” helps me determine slope. Getting the ball closer is vital to not only making more putts and having shorter comebacks, it’s a the key to improving the pace of play/putting. When I get the ball closer to the hole than my buddies, I enact my strategy WHILE they are reading/putting. No slow down here. Without oversimplifying matters, the goal on any golf course should be to keep up with the group ahead and finish before or at the pre-designated time to play the round.

    Also, this is a strategy that can be refined on the practice putting green. Do it there, more often, and you will do it more efficiently on the course. I might add that slope can be determined by reading the green while walking up from the front of the green – something that might be sort of lost to many players who rely on the use of power carts which are parked in various locations around the green.

    Keep the tips coming, Shawn.

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