Reading Greens for Chip Shots


Step 1:
Read the greens to see where the breaking point is.

Step 2:
Pick your landing point so the ball will travel along the breaking point to the hole.

Step 3:
Chip the ball to the landing point and watch the ball roll around the breaking point. By working with the lay of the land, you will get the ball closer to the hole.

2 thoughts on “Reading Greens for Chip Shots

  1. This is a great chipping tip — I, however, cannot seem to stop breaking my wrists on long and short chips. Any comments to help would be appreciated. I have a 29 handicap — my long game is good. But, the short game would be much improved if I could just get the chips closer to the pin.


    • Barbara–You are trying to lift the ball in the air with the breaking of the wrists. You want to feel like you are sticking the clubface in the ground behind the ball. IF you do this a few time–this will balance out your tendency.

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