Routine vs. Commitment

Preshot Routine
Your preshot routine is something that you do every time before you setup to the ball. It can range from the superstitious to the practical. Every golfer is unique in his routine.

Preshot Commitment
Your preshot commitment is a conscious decision of where you will hit your shot and how you will swing the club before you setup to the ball. Focus on what you are working on in your swing.

6 thoughts on “Routine vs. Commitment

  1. I understand the commitment concept. I have it with my driver and fairway woods…..I have a problem though with my Irons. I feel uncomfortable in my set up and with my swing…consequently I do not swing with confidence and lost yardage. I’m no longer sure about my entire setup…ie ball position, take away, or force of swing. Can you please help?FYI I am currently a 14 handicap up from a 11/12

    • Larry– Our academy operates on the principal of reinforcement. The more you think, talk, and write about something–you increase the probability of that happening.
      I have to tell you. Your comments are so negative–regardless of how mush you change the above mentioned–you will never achieve your goal. If your driver and fairway wood are truly what you say? You need to take those imprints into your iron play. However, I really question your comment on the driver & fairway woods.
      Bottom line you have to focus on what you do well–regardless of how bad it gets. If you don’t have my DVD series (Repeating Swing Blue Print) you cannot even begin the process of change. Lets start there and get to work as well focus on the what you are doing well–NOT what you are doing bad. I don’t and will not entertain the negative in golfers. Remember–Principal of reinforcement. If you think, talk, and write negative things you will stay the course. Lets change that Larry!

  2. shawn I have got your cds and I am still having problems with the slice. I am hiting between 80 and 84 I hit the ball straight for 5 are 6 holes and then the slice comes you have any advice are do you have a cd on sliceing. next wed can you work on the slice that seems to be everyone biggest thing thanks mike.

    • Michael–if you have my latest DVD (Repeating Swing Blue Print) you have the right solutions and tools to train with. If not you need to get it!
      This 3-DVD Training System will help you with your slice. I wish we could just shoot a video and post for Wednesday. Hump Day videos are produced well over a year in advance.

  3. Shawn ,Your approach to THE shot to be made is very similar to THE THINK BOX/PLAY BOX of PIA NILSSON and LYN MARRIOTT ,which. I utilize currently .
    I’m a seasoned golfer .79 years of âge ,”up” now to a 7 Handicap ,as years are reducing m’y length of THE TEE and on THE Fairway .Is there something in your instructional DVD’s that may help me to not lose distance ,and maybe regain length in m’y game ?
    My short game is pretty good ,it’s THE lack of distance which pénalizes me .
    Any suggestions ?

    • Raymond–my new 3-DVD series “Repeating Swing Blue Print” can help you. Its available on my site in the store.

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