Secret to the “Bump and Run”

Turn the Toe Down

When you setup to the ball, turn the toe of the club down slightly so that the ball hits higher on the clubface, taking the spin off it. This stance will deloft the club a little.

Hold the Angle

Line up to the ball and hold the angle through impact, keeping the toe down. Watch how the ball skips and then runs all the way to the hole.

4 thoughts on “Secret to the “Bump and Run”

  1. Most of the courses I play in the Northeast don’t allow for chipping. Unless you leave the ball short in narrow run-up in front of the green, or in a collection area off the green, if there is one. I need a chipping method that allows me to control a ball coming up out some kind of rough. Usually, that’s some sort of pitch out with a lob wedge, which isn’t my best shot, at all
    Any thoughts

    • Dave–understand you cannot control the ball out of the rough. One rarely would pitch the ball out of the rough. Need to use your sand-wedge with a ton of wrist hinge and hold at the bottom and keep the face square to your target. This will help you launch the ball up and out of the rough.

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