Simple Backswing Drill


On the takeaway, the club works up. This is a backswing of a player who draws the ball or has a better ball flight.

Step 2:
On the downswing, the club goes down. This allows the club to come from the inside at impact.

Step 3:
The club reaches impact and goes up and around on the follow through.

3 thoughts on “Simple Backswing Drill

  1. Great tip…. very well illustrated and explained. I do have the habit of coming down steep in the downswing and over the top of the plane… instead of keeping my left shoulder closed and dropping my hands inside. How can I stop this… pump drill… or others. Thks.

    • Dave–you have to remember–you have been coming over the top for as long as you have been playing the game. The pump drill will destroy your swing. You need to work on holding the right shoulder at the top of your swingt and allow the arms to drop. You can find this is my DVD Training. “How To Build A Repeating Swing” as well as “Two Steps To A Perfect Golf Swing” Sh

  2. Dave
    My back swing is perfect. I am having problem in my follow thru and moving my hip on the downsing.
    Can u suggest any method to cure this

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