Simple Key to Inside Path


Step 1:
Setup a training station with three golf tees angled back-left to front-right. The center tee is the height for your golf ball when using a driver and the outer tees are slightly higher.

Step 2:
Setup to the ball using the central tee. The visual of the three tees in a line will guide you to proper impact.

Step 3:
Swing the club so that you hit all three tees. When you are successful, you would have hit the ball with an inside path, producing a natural draw.

7 thoughts on “Simple Key to Inside Path

  1. Since i have been following your hump day.. driving dist up from 160 to 200… not bad for 71 year old.. keep up the tips…cal

      • Even while playing it seems as thoguh you’re taking your time and explaining the concepts just for me. You’re an amazing instructor. I wish you were located in San Antonio, TX. Your techniques have improved my game drastically. Getting closer and closer to breaking 100 without do-overs and I use to play about 125 golf with do-overs. Thanks a million

  2. Simple Key to the Inside Path – a really good method of hitting from the inside; however, the image that caught my eye is your hands rolling over in “Step 3” – – have you produced a slow motion video of your hands during the downswing, impact and follow-through? Thanks, Roy

    • Roy–my DVD (How To build A Repeating Swing) has a great segment on hand rotation. Check it out. Sh

  3. Shawn,
    I’ve purchased your Short Game Precision video and my question is what distance should I maintain between my hands/grip and zipper? In your video on the full swing, you recommended a distance the size of fist.

    • Ron–The key is your elbows. If you feel as if your elbows are close to your rib-cage. You will have no choice but to stand very close to the ball. Good luck and thanks for the questions. Sh

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