Solid Pitch Shots


Training Setup
Setup your training station with two tour sticks crossed together. Then, place your ball three feet behind the tour sticks toward the center. Setup for a regular pitch shot.

Follow Through
To lower your pitch shots, pay attention to your release. Hold the club through impact to keep the loft off the clubface and to create more solid pitch shots.

Incorrect Release
If you accidentally let the clubface release, the ball will launch over the tour sticks. Keep the ball flight low by holding the club through impact.

8 thoughts on “Solid Pitch Shots

  1. Hi Shawn

    Very interesting, I have been doing this automatically without knowing that I was doing it correctly, but with your video I will pay more attention so that I can improve; I have found that picking a target on the green helps further, can you elaborate on the idea of picking an aiming spot?



    • Picking a landing target on the green is one of the key principles of becoming a short-game artist. I have a new Short-Game DVD coming out next month called “Short-Game Performance”
      This DVD will fit directly into your comments and no one has ever produced a DVD like this.

  2. Does the ball check after one bounce, this shot always amazes me, watching the pros time after time, how do they do that ? david thanks

    • Actually the ball skips twice and checks with a slight roll out. This takes several thousands of hours to master and the key is to hinge the wrist and add speed at impact. The most important element to the short game is adding a ton of speed to the impact area.

    • Chip shots have a lower trajectory. If you really want to learn the difference and master your short-game. I’ve just produced a new DVD–titled “Short Game Precision” No one has ever produced a DVD like this!!

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