Stabilize Setup for a Dynamic Golf Swing


At Address, Tuck In
When you take your setup, you want to feel like your rear end is tucked underneath your body.

Sequences Backswing
This setup gives you the ability to stabilize your center and sequence your backswing.

You DO NOT want too straight of a back with your rear end sticking out too much. This makes your body shift on your backswing.

19 thoughts on “Stabilize Setup for a Dynamic Golf Swing

  1. Shawn, I just came across your website through Fantastic. I have a recurring problem of getting out of position when I reach the top of my backswing, and this ends up with me topping the ball at impact. I have been playing for 4 seasons now, I practice a lot on the range, and don’t shy away from hard work. However, I find it impossible to consistently hit my irons with good impact, due to this fault of mine. I would greatly appreciate any help that you can provide.

    • Jay,
      Thank you for your note. The issue is your back swing–its too steep or vertical going back. As the club starts down it’s so steep you have to raise up at impact to keep the club from hitting too much ground. If you raise too much you top the shot, if you raise the correct amount– you hit a good shot.

      You need to take practice swings above the ground to round out the swing. Use these three steps. 1. Practice swing 15 inches above the ground.
      2. Repeat at 10 inches above the ground 3. Repeat at 5 inches above the ground. Then hit 2 balls off a tee and repeat the process until you begin to hit the ball 100% of the time. Then lower the ball closer to the ground. You want to think baseball swings above the gound. This will take care of your top shots.

  2. Shawn, having a problem with steepness in my driver swing, any drills or setup changes that i can use to solve this problem?

    John R. Lucas

  3. Hi Sean I am having trouble with my driver . I keep falling backwards once I hit the ball and hitting it to the right . When I’m hitting it well I draw the ball it’s just recently started to happen.

    • Mark–you golf swing is so over the top and coming from the outside-in. Its the only way you can keep your balance is by falling backwards. You need to focus on swinging more to the right or right field like a baseball field.

  4. Shawn, Thanks for the tip. I put the recommendation into practice last weekend and was really supprised how comfortable and relaxed my lower back was during the swing process. I felt like I was making a better turn and maintained a very stable lower body throughout the swing. And most of all, I was able to make solid and consistent contact at impact and finish my follow through in complete balance. My ball flight was much more consistent. As a new EGA member, I am in my second month of your twelve month training program. I am learning to be much more consistent with my golf swing. My length has also increased with the training.
    Sincerely, Joseph

    • Joe–thanks for the comments. This is a game changer for lower back issues. Thanks for being a member of the EGA — its a great membership of golfers like you.

  5. Shawn, I purchased the Repeating Swing Blueprint DVD’S back the later part of May 2013 and have been faithful with doing the drills the past month. I have been working the 3rd disc in the set at least 4 to 5 times a week. I am still having struggles with keeping the swing on the correct plane through the round. Should I start back with the first DVD, move to the second and finish with the 3rd each time I work out? I really enjoy your teaching method and was just wondering if there is something that I need to do to help speed up the process of making this work more effectively for me? Currently playing to a 10 handicap and have a goal to get to single digits by end of year and I do believe that can and will happen with your training methods. Any other suggestions you have will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Keith Richardson

    • Keith –thank you for the note. Good to hear of the progress! In relation to your goal. Your goal is not specific enough. Single digit is what–a 2, 3, 5? It needs to be very specific. Please go to my website and click this link. and watch the Olympic Goal Planning model. This will really help you accomplish your goals. Shawn

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