Stabilize Your Backswing


Lay a sand wedge or a lob wedge on the ground. Rest your right foot on top of the clubface.

Stable Backswing
When you turn back, the club will stabilize your right foot and keep the weight inside your right knee.

Unstable Backswing
Without the wedge, you will have the tendency to move your knee to the outside on your backswing.

8 thoughts on “Stabilize Your Backswing

  1. Hi Shawn (from Tasmania, Australia)

    Your tips are right on the money and are better value than other, more long winded, offerings which can be too complicated and confusing for the average golfer. Short and to the point is best so well done and keep them coming.

    Best Wishes


    • Malcolm,
      Thank you for the kind words. FYI–I’ve been to Tasmania and played Royal Hobart Golf Club. Tasmania is a beautiful place!!

  2. Shawn, great tip. I just used it last week in a lesson I gave to a gentleman that had the same problem of rolling over on the right side. Any other tips that assist in the player turning to load rather than swaying?

  3. Thanks for the tip. Always enjoy watching Hump Day videos. I use a similar type practice drill putting a ball under the outside of my trail foot.

  4. Hi Shawn,

    I have three comments,(1) I like this drill a lot, I use to have a shoe insert that I would use, unfortunately I no longer have that and do not know where I could buy another. (2) I have been golfing for 10 years (first two years was a 29 handicap) 6 years ago I bought your book and dvd’s and have been improving each year, over the past 4 years I have been playing with a double overlap grip which I find more comfortable for me( Better swing flow), recently I was golfing with a few single digit handicap golfers ( I’m a 14 now at one of the tougher tracks in New England and 58 years old) who are telling me that if I don’t change to a more expectable golf grip it will hurt my game later as I get older. (3) I have had your book Two Steps and your two dvd’s Two Steps to a perfect golf swing and How to build a repeating swing, I want to purchase a few of your new dvd’s which ones would you suggest.Your thoughts

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