Standing in the Bunker


Setup & Club Selection

For this trouble shot, use your sand wedge to get the ball to pop up in the air. Choke down on the club all the way to the shaft to help shallow out your golf swing.

Club Works Around Your Body

In this scenario, you want a shallow swing that works around your body. If your swing is too steep, your club will crash into the ground. Lowering the handle will help to get the face pointed upwards.

Stabilize Stance & Aim

Dig your toes in the sand to secure your stance and level out your feet. Remember that the ball has a tendency to go to the left because it is above your feet. Aiming to the right of the flag will help to counteract this.

2 thoughts on “Standing in the Bunker

  1. That was True and funny, to see a Pro hit a not-so-good shot and admit it, but the ball went left as predicted. Shawn you’re my favorite. Thanks for the tip.

    • Tony–thanks! Not every shot you hit comes out the way we want it. And some shots that come out perfect are not close to the hole. We just have to keep working the process and practice.

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