Super Sized Flop Shots


Step 1:
Open the face of the club. Notice how this position will affect the ball flight.

Step 2:
Counteract the tendency of the ball to travel to the right by lowering the handle.

Step 3:
Keep the speed on the club when you pitch the ball. The speed is essential to counteract the higher loft.

16 thoughts on “Super Sized Flop Shots

    • Gil–yes this is unconventional training and the only way to go. Beats the old school stuff. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sh

  1. Simple easy to follow tips with great results. YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS!!!!! love it keep em coming mr Humphries…. Chris (Isle of Man)

    • Thanks–sure beats that “old school” stuff we’ve always been taught. Open the face, align left and cut accross the ball. A true recipe for disaster.
      Glad you like it!!

      • Took this to the course this morning. Wow again! With just a little practice, it was “hot”…I was “hot.” Works equally well from the sand. I was amazed at how precise I was first time out. Hands low is a permanent part of my technique now! Thanks Shawn!

  2. A friend of mine sent me a link to your site a few months ago. It is now compulsory viewing every week. Thank you

  3. Now THAT was AWESOME! I’m trying it on the range before my round this weekend for sure! Hopefully with some practice I can get this down.

  4. That was an awesome tip. Love all the short game stuff. That’s where the game is won and lost. Does that tip apply to bunker shots also?

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