Tee Height for Par 3s

Step 1:
Place the tee between two fingers so the tee is flush with your fingers.

Step 2:
Place the ball on top of the tee. Stick the ball into the ground so your fingers are flush with the ground.

13 thoughts on “Tee Height for Par 3s

  1. I have been with you with videos and hump day. I appreciate what you do for golf. I have immproved quite a bit staying with your organization and lessons whether free or purchased. I compliment you for your efforts as there is nothing better than having a good handle on this game called “golf”. I am almost 75 years old and have been enjoying this sport for some time. I find that the majority of the recreation golfers (that includes me) is that they don’t see that they must turn back and through in order to hit the ball properly. They do a fake turn and try to get through it, but it is not enough. I know many of us are stiff and ridgid, but if they could find the value of this they would play better. Roger Kenny

      • Oh yahhhh, that was funny. I’m so glad you finally made this video, really enjoyed the course management and the commentary.I hope to see some more in the future, maybe you can go out and throw the ball in some trouble spots to show us how to escape them.On another note, talk about easy distance, hitting over 300 yards ..wow! I have never in my life been able to hit 300 yard drives especially now that I’m 40. Super video pal!

    • Ian– I would recommend my “Two Steps To A Perfect Golf Swing” DVD. If you follow this training–you will be less likely to over-swing. Sh

  2. Shawn,

    On your video of “the correct tee height for irons” etc you said for an extended version of the video I was to go to your website of shawnhumpries.com. I did. I’m here but I can’t find an extended version of the Hump Day video. Where is it? I can’t find it. Thanks in advance for your help.


  3. I purchased the golf mirror but do not know how to use it. Are there video’s or instructions? Thank you

    • Larry–When you purchased the 360 mirror you were emailed several training and instructional videos. We will email them to you again. Thank you for your business.

  4. Shawn,
    Love the Hump-day tips. How about one on fixing ball marks, and for cleaning up after yourself on the tee box (removing broken tees and sanding divots). I hate hitting an iron off a tee box, only to have the club come into contact with a tee buried just below the surface of the grass.

    • Don–thanks for the note. And great idea for rules and golf courtesy. However, I’m a teacher, trainer, and coach of the game and making golfers better players. Just doesn’t fit into our game plan. Thanks though!

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