Tee Height Is Overrated


For this example, the tee is barely in the ground. The majority of the golf ball is above the driver from this height. To make contact, you would have to catch the ball more on the upswing. This tee height will give you the least amount of control over your ball flight.

For this example, the ball rests about halfway above the clubface. You will have a little more control over your ball flight from this position. However, you still don’t have the most amount of control over your mishits.

The ideal situation is for the ball to rest just barely above the clubface. This allows you to have your mishits on the bottom part of the center line. You will have less spin, but you will be able to hit more fairways.

12 thoughts on “Tee Height Is Overrated

  1. Thanks, Shawn. I have a simple tempo and rarely miss a fairway —drives 220-240. Would a higher tee result in more distance if control is above average? Also, please tell me where you got that purple vest–cool. Thanks

    • David,
      I think you have to look at the overall big picture. Are the fairways you playing soft and no roll with your tee shots or are they fairly hard and roll out.? Is there a fair amount of wind where you play in? For instance–in Texas the wind blows 25 mph on a calm day. So we are constantly lowering our ball flight. Where there is wind you find dry and hard fairways that roll. And especially into the wind–you need that. Bottom line– if the fairways are soft you need more carry / airtime. If the fairways are hard with wind– you need the lower ball to hit the fairway. Hope this helps. Sh

  2. I’ve enjoyed my free videos and I think my”skill”(?)has benefitted. Do you offer just a short game video? Thank you, Bob.

    • Bob,
      Thanks for the note. I think we may have just answered your question with this weeks “Hump Day”. Sh

  3. Good morning Shawn,
    Where did you get the nice vest? Do you have them in your store?
    Thanks a million for the tips. Love Hump Day’s


  4. Good morning Shawn

    Tee height: I often have trouble to get a good distance with my 3W from the tee box. Recently I played several balls with the 3W from a high tee, with the ball “hanging” in the air, so to say. I addressed the ball without touching the ground delivering a swing which produced an interesting length. I have to watch out to keep arms and hands steady.
    Is this a method I can pursue, and, even apply it to the driver?
    Thank you,

  5. Teeing low has the additional advantage that you can use standard tees instead of having to buy long tees!!! I’ll give it a try.

  6. Thanks for the tip Shawn. I had thought that the ball should be teed high to allow the driver to catch it on the upward plane. However I have noticed an improvement in my trajectory and control by reducing the tee height.
    I get a lot of help from your Hump Day tips. Thanks.

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