The Only Time in Golf You Keep Your Head Down

Set Your Marker

Place a dime on the ground. Take a few practice strokes focusing on the dime. Then, place the ball on top of the dime.

Eyes On the Dime

Hit the ball and keep your eyes locked on the dime. Keep your head down until after you putt the ball.
WARNING: Moving your head up too soon makes your shoulders do the same… taking the putter off line.

3 thoughts on “The Only Time in Golf You Keep Your Head Down

  1. You can actually put the dime on the top of the ball too so you can focus on it during the whole swing. Good tip.

  2. Shawn, I am sure many people have said this to you before, but you have to put all your Hump Day tips on a CD. It would sell a million copies.

    • Mike,
      Thanks for the note. We have taken that into consideration and looking into the possibilities. Sh

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