Three Areas of Impact


Mid Point
The best players come straight into the back of the ball to the mid point.

High Point
Players who slice the golf ball come over the top on the downswing and impact at the high point. The club comes in steeply and has an oblique cutting action across the golf ball.

Low Point
Players who draw the ball hit more of the inside portion of the golf ball and reach impact from the inside to the low point. These players tend to take less turf and hit big hooks.

4 thoughts on “Three Areas of Impact

  1. Very helpful however, unless the club is “released” I see most weekenders slicing the ball. Most weekenders swing the club like an ax. I don’t care where they’re approaching the ball from, they don’t release the club and the shoots out to the right (for right hand players). Maybe the release should be stressed more in these videos. Other than that, I love your explanations. Thank you.

    • Thanks Gil. In regards to releasing the club–there are two things that influence the club face to open and not release at impact –The plane of the golf swing and the arc. If the plane is too steep the arms have no choice but to reverse rotate and open through impact and arcing the club to the high-point of the golf swing, resulting in an open clubface producing a slicing ball fight. Players that make contact from the low point have the club on plane with the correct arc and the face squares–resulting in a release. Thanks for the feedback and insight. Shawn

  2. It’s wednesday It’s Hump Day! I love it! Taken alot of lessons and watched alot of videos. Purchased alot of videos. Still have a hard time on the downswing bringing that club inside. Swore I never buy another video or take another lesson but might give this one a chance. Seems to convey a positive approach to techniques.

    • Hey Bill– I would recommend my DVD “How To Build A Repeating Swing” it really gets to the heart of that down swing–creating the inside move. Glad you enjoy the Hump Day Tips. Shawn

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