17 thoughts on “Three Keys To Backswing

  1. Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for the video tips. I use a strong grip so how can I adapt what you’re teaching? Thanks Mike

  2. I love this video. It reinforces exactly what my pro Zach Allen has been telling me during my lessons. I keep seeing Freddy Couples and Zach Johnson with those ultra strong grips and I was wondering if I had the right grip. Thanks Shawn.

  3. Hi Shawn

    Would just like to thank you for all your wonderful tips, I have cut my handicap with 7 shots(7 handicap now) since starting to watch your instrutions, if I battle with a shot I just go back to your videos and practice.

    Thanks again
    Johan De Villiers (South Africa)

    O, and by the way, I am 46 years young.

  4. have been following hump day tips .. was out yesterday with my sponge practice balls and hit three in a row straight but different distances still working on back swing.. play monday 1 apr so will know how well i learn… tks cal

    • Gary–my site is filled with all types of downswing content. We produced thousands of training videos. Just have to look through the archives.

  5. Thanks for all the GREAT tips. I do have a question that a lot of golfers my age have. All the teachers of golf want you to move this way that way. Now you have golfers like me limited mobility shoulders that are injured and can’t rotate well can you help us to still play the game of golf.

    • Charlie-thank you for the note. I believe regardless of our age we must stretch, walk, run, eat right, and do our best to stay active. The golf swing is no different. By doing many reps you get more range of motion–even if its one inch more of what you previously had. And it only takes an inch of change in the golf swing to produce miles of results.

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