41 thoughts on “Three Things NOT to do in the Swing

  1. I really like your teaching skills. This video was very helpful, especially the way you broke-down the three point’s of interest.

  2. Shawn,
    Great stuff ! I really enjoy ” Hump Day Tips “. These three fundamentals do get lost in the old school game.

    Thanks, Mike

  3. Hi Shawn.

    Great short clip of the three moves which will for sure cause great pain and will prevent any swing repetition. I am lucky, I have just started to play (only 1yr) and enrolled with a golf guru who adopts the policies you promote. Using the 3/4 swing you can power into impact and even begin to “feel” where the club head is during the swing.
    Good videos, great help.

    • Tony–Good to hear and if I know you and you like having full control of your life. I would recommend my Two Steps To a Perfect Golf Swing DVD. This DVD allows you to learn the swing step by step so you have full control of your swing and game.

  4. Your teaching method is really helpful to some one just starting to really play the game of golf.one hears all sorts of tips from players that we associate with on the course but your methods tell you what you must have to know in order to be a good golfer and to not lose you love of the game. thank you for good honest tips that work with their simplicity. joe Man sr

    • Joe–thank you for the comments. If you are fairly new to the game–I would highly recommend my DVD “Two Steps To A Perfect Golf Swing” it takes you through step by step so you have complete control of your golf swing and game. As a Hump Day subscriber–you are the kind of golfer that wants assurance and control of their game.

  5. Shawn – concur with those above, your tips are the most concise, useful and easy to understand of any that are around. Thanks you.


  6. For me, one of the best Hump Day quick videos I’ve seen you do – brief, to the point, easy to understand and dispelled 3 old golfing “myths” in record time. I’ve taken up golf again as a retirement activity and these older golf instruction “myths” are still being taught by local golf instructors I’ve run across….hard to believe. Love your not-too-detailed way of explaining technical aspects of the golf swing….easy to implement and getting the “feel” seems more important to me anyway. Have your “2 Steps to Perfect Golf Swing” already, which has been my biggest help.

    • Thanks curtis–as you can see the old school way of teaching is too detailed and not effective. Our belief is to keep it simple and effective. Thanks and we will keep them coming.

  7. Isn’t it funny the little things one does can interupt your swing so much. Great info already practicing the advice given.

    • Larry–Thanks for the inquire. Unfortunately we don’t allow customers to download the Hump Day Videos. However you can purchase the Hump Day DVD on my site.

  8. i am old,75,but i like your tips,because you make golf easy.i started late,10 years ago i am hand.15,but i am still learning from those litle tips that makes golf more natural,as i like.i play every day,for exercice,not for practice,and never had backpains,because simple is better.thank you.

    • Thank you for the note. Playing golf without back pains is the key as well as keeping it simple. Thanks for being a subscriber to Hump Day.

  9. Once I started keeping my width my slices turned to draws. Also, people wonder how I can hit it so far with such a short back swing.

  10. Wow, in this video you mimic my swing to perfection, (thought I was watching a video of myself lol). I have done all 3 of these flaws.
    I’ve known for a long time that I try to get parallel at the top and collapse so bad that sometimes I can even see my club head out of my peripheral vision of my left eye. I have struggled so much on correcting this and am always thinking 3/4 swing but it has been a very hard habit to break. Any other advice on this?

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