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  1. The Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing dvd resolved the mystery of how to make a perfect back swing for me so that the club is automatically set at shoulder height at the top of the backswing with the butt of the golf club pointing down toward the ball at address. This made the uncoiling of the hips and downswing occur more naturally and has put a nice right to left ball trajectory on my ball flight. It also helped me avoid the life long tendency of having my right shoulder come around rather than down inside the line on the downswing. I give it and Shawn’s Short game [pitching] video the credit for reducing my handicap from 33.4 down to 12.9 in less than one year. Thanks, Shawn !

    Greg C.

    • Greg–thank you for taking the time to share your thougths and success. Very excited to hear we are helping you with your game. Thanks for sharing. Sh

  2. Shawn- I purchased your DVD”How to build a repeatable swing” a few months ago and no longer see it offered.Instead you are offering “Two Steps to a Perfect Golf swing” What if any is the difference between the two DVD’s .

    Hank K

    • Hank–the How To Build A Repeating Swing DVD is available in our store on my website. The 2 Step DVD is designed for the golfer that is a higher handciap player that plays very little golf and for the person that is new to the game. However, I’ve had tour players use my 2 Step approach. If you will go to my website and click on the store you can see an intro video to the DVD and all of our products. Hope this helps. Sh

  3. Every week your mini-lessons are outstanding and very helpful. I know this is nit-picking, but as a left handed golfer, I would love to see you use “lead” and “trail” instead of left and right in describing movements etc. Besides, it would acknowledge that we lefties are out here too!!

    Many thanks for the great tips.

  4. Hi Shawn,
    Great exercise.I can really feel the stretch.It really works great using my full length mirror I have in my basement.


    • Gary–thanks for the note! Having a full length mirror to work on your moves is a must if you want to get better. I applaud you on having one.

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