Tour Player Pitch Shots

Step 1:
Setup beside the ball and take 5-6 practice strokes. The goal is to get the club bottoming out at the same place each time.

Step 2:
Setup next to the ball and hit the pitch shot. By practicing your stroke beforehand, you will be prepared for where the club bottoms out.

11 thoughts on “Tour Player Pitch Shots

  1. Still haven’t heard from you as to how to get your lower body into your swing so you generate more distant and how do you swing faster, not harder. Which is correct or are they one in the same. I appreciate your comments on this.
    Thank you and have great day.

    • William,
      Generating more speed in your golf swing is done with your arms not your body. The key is to swing your arms faster. The more relaxed the faster they swing. The worst thing you can focus on is getting your lower body into your swing. Sh

  2. hi how do i get my lower body into your swing so you generate more distant.and how do you swing faster,not harder.which is correct or are they one in the same.i would appreciate your comments on this .thank you regard. gerry

  3. Shawn, brought your repeating swing DVD. What about hand position with each club? Should they be centered or just off right of center for the left-hand golfer. Having hard time with driver set-up.

    • Michael, with the driver the ball is just slightly right of center for lefties. Your hand position needs to be level to behind the ball. Never in front with the driver.

  4. Hello Shawn.
    When I use the wedges the ball more often goes to the left of the pin however much I try. Am I closing the facing the club face or is there any other any other fault?
    take care
    Bangalore, India

    • Ananth–Face is closed at impact. Need to keep the face square to your intended landing point and line.

  5. I have a black period. When I need to do a pitch shot, the ball flies strong to the right side. I think this is a shank. What shall I do to avoid this terrible shot and maybe you can suggest some drills. Thank you Shawn for your help.

    • Nancy– you need to focus on keeping he club in-front of your going back. Not so far inside. Them arc the club to the inside and swing out to the right at impact. This will help you.

  6. Dear Shawn I purchased all instructional videos. I am practicing OK
    I have a doubt 1. In your take away you said STOP in the first #1 position ? this is for practice or is the way you teach ? I have never see any golfer stopping in the take way please give more detail information
    I thank you

    • Gus–this is training! This is a check point for you to get the club in a good position so you can coach yourself.

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