4 thoughts on “Train Putting Path

  1. Hi Shawn.
    I have a theory about ‘putting path’
    I am playing golf now for over 45 years (I am 82 yrs of age) Although now I play 3 times a week – 9 holes- I can get 3-4 pars every round (teeing off rom seior tees)The least handicap I ever played was 12.On our courses where most of the grrns are flat and sloping and not more than 30 ft in dia I have my own theory while putting.
    Most of the times when the green keeper changes the position of the hole he leaves a ‘scar’ of the previous hole. No matter whether it is uphill or downhill, I find that when I take a ‘plumb’ between the ball and the hole; and if the scar of rhe previous hole position is in line with my line of the putt, all I have to do is to roll my putt in line with the center of the ‘scar’ and believe you me I get the hole 1 putt 9 out of 10 times.
    I call it ‘Bal Jog’s Theorem’. It works : I don’t know how !!
    Bal Jog

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