26 thoughts on “Train Your Short Game Chipping

  1. Your “up and down” drill is just what I need to improve my short game. I can’t wait to start practicing so I can whoop my brothers and BIL’s at our family reunion this comming June in N. Carolina.

  2. the up n down drill is a great way to lower scores..so often I don’t focus on getting it close to the pin so I have a one putt…love your videos on “hump day”…hopefully this drill will lower my scores and make practice time more productive..

    • James–Due to proprietary and intellectual property rights our DVD’s are not offered to download. All of the other content that you received via video electronic links may be downloaded.

    • Robert–we operate our schools in the early spring in south Florida. Schools are very limited and I will only have time to do a couple this year. We will have the schedules posted in January.

  3. The more repetitions one gets in a life like situation, the more successful they will become. This drill is real… I love the drill as you only get one chance to chip the ball when you are playing anyway.. Great training technique.

  4. This is a terrific exercise, simple but focussed on resolving the key objective of the game. This aspect ( chipping and getting up and down) is the worse part of my game and I look forward to having a go at it next practice session. I love your Hump Day tips.

  5. Great drill.
    I love the simplicity to your coaching and instruction. Makes it so much easier for amateur golfers to understand.

  6. Shawn – I notice you use 2 different putters. (At least that I have seen) Do you concentrate on one when you’re playing? Which one do you prefer during a game with friends?


  7. I have just looked at your videos. And I am going to try work on them,But my biggest problem is my swing is not the same every time. What do you do for that?

    • Daniel,
      Consistency is accomplished by being able to replicate and duplicate something on a regular basis. The only way you can do this–you must have some sense of mastery in mastering the moves. And its important that you have a system to follow to have check points and solutions to go follow and refer back to. I recommend my Repeating Swing Blue Print DVD system. This will help you gain the consistency you are striving for. Check out my site at

  8. Shawn, I tried the drill and enjoyed the challenge of getting the chip up and down. My problem is not consistently stroking the chip the same, chunking, skulling, chili-dipping, etc. Do you recommend a drill to over these problems?

    • Alan–thank you for the note. You need to get your reps in. This take time and a ton of practice to be able to duplicate it. Once you are able to duplicate the stroke you will see a spike in your consistency. Keep training Alan.

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