Train Your Takeaway


Lay a tour stick on the ground parallel to your target line. Take your setup so that your hands are underneath your shoulders and directly above the tour stick.

As you turn the club back, your hands should stay above the tour stick. This leads to an on-plane backswing.

If your hands work too much out or too much in, you will have trouble making a good backswing.

7 thoughts on “Train Your Takeaway

  1. I have more golf books and magazines than I can count; but have never seen this tip before. It certainly seems to make sense and I can hardly wait to get to the range and try it.
    I am 75 years old and past the looking for distance. I’m now searching for consistency to stay in play.
    Many thanks; again can’t wait to try it.


  2. shawn,

    do you have any tips/drills on how the right elbow (for righthanded player) should act on the backswing to get the club on the correct plane. I am told that I “chicken wing” during the swing.


    • Stephen,
      Your chicken-wing is a by-product of your arms getting accross your body on the back swing. Its not your right arm that’s the issue. You need to keep your arms in front of your your body as your turn your core / body. The reason your arms get in the position–you stop truning your shoulders and your arms continue to cross your body. You start at address with yoru hands in line with your chest. As you turn your chest–keep the arms in front of your chest as you turn back, Sh

  3. This drill makes so much sense. I been looking for a way to know if my swing is on plane. I usually pull it to much in and this leads to a slice. Can’t wait to see if this works for me. thanks!

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