Underrated Wedge


Normal Chip Shot
Using the 52 degree wedge, your ball position should be one ball width to the right of your belt buckle. Your setup is the same as a regular chip shot.

Medium Height
To have a slightly higher ball flight, move the ball position to the center of your stance and use the same chipping action.

Higher Shot
For an even higher shot, move the ball position one ball width to the left of your belt buckle. Then, open the face slightly and keep the speed on it.

8 thoughts on “Underrated Wedge

  1. Very good and helpful information; I would appreciate more information such as picking out a target for landing on the green and probable run out for each club. This would help me to compare with other such instructions that I have read about.

    • Thanks–Stay in the loop. I have a new Short-Game DVD Coming out next month that will address all of those challendges.

    • Jim–if you will click on the Hump Day video and check out the editorial piece with the photos– it gives you the ball positions. Thanks–Sh

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