Uphill Bunker Shot


Get your knees, hips and shoulders tilted on the lay of the land.

Having the proper setup position allows you to bottom out the club at the right position at impact.

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When you make contact, you won’t have the opportunity to pivot off your right foot.

2 thoughts on “Uphill Bunker Shot

  1. Greetings! I look at your feet in that bunker versus ball position. I have your alignment device and note how much further inside the left heel you think the ball should be positioned. Also interesting to me is the width of your feet, much wider than me or anyone I give the device. I am 6’2”, almost as tall as you. I’m 67, old, but tried for the Open some six times, getting through the sectionals twice. I’ve qualified for the US Amateur, played college golf at Illinois, won a number of local amateur events and my club and senior club championships. I still can scrape it, but wonder if you really think how far to the right of the left heel the ball should be placed? THANKS!

    • Tom,
      Thanks for the note. Please take note this is an up hill bunker shot. And the camera angle is at 45 degrees not directly face on. At this angle any ball postion is going to appear extremely forward in the stance.

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