Uphill Chip Shot

Step 1:
Keep your ball position forward. The further back your ball position is in your stance, the less loft you will have on your club.

Step 2:
Shift your knees forward and keep your sternum over the ball. This keeps the loft on the club and lets you pop the ball in the air.

6 thoughts on “Uphill Chip Shot

  1. Hi Shawn, cheers from Brazil. Your tips are awsome, many tks. Could you inform what is the loft of the wedge that you are using for this uphill chip?


  2. Getting a lot our of your chipping, short game advice. Short Game Precision DVD is a must have for all golfers – I see so many golfers on the course who don’t have a clue what they’re doing technique-wise and could really benefit from knowing the chipping-ratio system – so easy to implement. Thanks for your weekly Hump Day videos.

    • Rick–that’s awesome! The Short Game Ratio is a true game changer. You have taken you game to a higher level that most are not willing to do. No one wants to build a strategy for the short-game. They just want to hit and hope. I commend you on your efforts! Keep up the great work.

    • John–I would recommend the Short Game Performance DVD. This is my ratio system that I developed so you can build the perfect strategy for your shots around the green.

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