Where Are You At Impact?


Draw the Ball – #1
Players who draw the ball hit more of the inside portion of the golf ball and reach impact from the inside to position #1. These players tend to take less turf and hit big hooks.

Hit it Straight – #2
The best players come straight into the back of the ball to position #2.

Slice the Ball – #3
Players who slice the golf ball come over the top on the downswing and impact at #3. The club comes in steep and have an oblique cutting action across the golf ball.

2 thoughts on “Where Are You At Impact?

  1. I think one of the most important aspect of the golf swing is how does a person get his lower body into the swing to generate the power or the ease of the swing that the pros use when only taking a 3/4 swing vs a full swing. This seems to be a real difficult part to develop in the swing. Many of the golfers I talk to agree how difficult it is to get the lower body into the swing.
    Thaks for your hump day.

    • The most over-rated part of the golf swing is the lower body. One needs to focus on the golf club, hands, and arms. Most golfers have a serious tendency to hit with the lower body. You have to consider the average handicap is over 20. At this level–its much easier to control the arms than the body. Sh

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