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  1. Shawn, I cannot locate the answer to my question a few weeks ago so here it is again. I purchased your DVD on the full swing and I do see improvement especially in my iron play.Where I am having trouble is when I use my driver after bringing the club to the top I cannot seem to drop my arms at the right time to keep my club on plane etc Its funny but I can do it especially with my short irons most of the time.Is there a drill you can give me to help me drop my arms as I begin my downswing?

    I love your simplified way of teaching.

    Thanks very much


      • Hank–why do you want to hit down on the ball?? The best players in the world take very little turf and play the game for a lifetime–because they don’t hit down on the ball. Such as legendary golfers–Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson. Contemporary golfers — Steve Stricker, Rory McIlroy, Luke Donald. I could go on an on.

        • Shawn, I understand what you are saying about hitting down on the ball but do not understand why so many teachers stress the need to hit down and pinch the ball with a correct divot showing in front of where the ball was ?


          • Hank–I’m NOT one of those many teaches stressing that. They don’t have anything else to talk about othe than what a tour pro is doing. The things I talk about are what the recreational golfer needs to focus on to become a better player. Not what the recreational golfer can’t do on their best day. Hitting down on the ball is something you don’t want to focus on.

  2. reply to Hank…I do exactly the same. My irons feel very comfortable, especially my shorter irons. My driver take away is good. But from that very initial slight drop down with the driver at top of back swing to making contact just feels “strange”.

    Any idea’s??

    Rgds Tony

  3. Shawn,

    I receive and watch a lot of golf videos like your own. I reckon you have one of the most straight forward, common sense approaches to delivery going around. The points you make are more often than not simple, to the point and easy to understand. Further, they make sense. Far more than many. This makes them pretty valuable. Cheers to you sonno. One thing though … ease off on the ‘hump’ thing with the growl will you? It makes you sound like some kind of feral ‘jock’ – which I’m sure you’re not.

  4. Like your simple approach to the gold swing.
    FYI – In his Lessons of a Lifetime DVD Tom Watson stresses to hit down on the ball and the divot in front of the ball.

    • Robert–please understand Tom Watson is a tour player not a teacher, coach, trainer of the game to the recreational golfer. His adivce is designed for tour players NOT the averge recreational golfer. All he knows is what he’s done all his life. What I know is to train recreatinal golfers to become better.

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