8 thoughts on “Your Shot Strategy

  1. Liked the course strategy Hump Day tip, I’m very much a beginner, but recently viewed DVD by Dr. Gio Valiante called “Fearless Golf”, he too emphasised course stategy…he gets you to ask two questions: 1. what’s my stategy? and 2. what’s my target? For me, with your video and two sand traps in front of the green, think I’d have to pick iron to maybe lay up in front of the sand….then chip/pitch to green. I’m obviously not 100% on iron distances yet, but that’s kinda my addition thought process I’m trying to get used to. Very much enjoy your videos and hump day segments….already have your “2 Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing”, seriously considering your “Repeatable Swing” DVD at the moment….might have to save up for that one a bit more. Love you’re stuff!

    • Randall–great to hear you are working the mental program and more importantly you have the Two Steps To A Perdect Golf Swing DVD. Thanks for your business.

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