NEW! Golf 360 TV

Golf 360 introduced a new format for broadcasting our LIVE instructional webinar and so far the response has been fantastic.

Much like tuning into a television program, you can now tune into Golf360tv and interact with Shawn live as he provides valuable training and tips on improving your golf game.

Special guest Damon Goddard, PGA Tour Fitness Trainer, joined Shawn in covering:

The Different Body Types of Golfers and how that relates to their golf swings
Skills and Drills for activating the correct movement in your swing
Workouts you can use RIGHT NOW to prolong your game

You can view the recording of this great event below.

We have broken up the webinar into 4 installments and they are available to view by clicking the video images below.

We hope to see you at the next LIVE Golf 360 Webinar where you can expect to get more great instruction from Shawn Humphries Golf Performance!