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You heard me correctly…you can have a better golf game and shoot lower scores almost immediately by following two simple steps.

All that other stuff? Those swing thoughts and awkward positions and herky-jerky baloney you’ve been taught over the years? Throw it out the window.

Because in more than two decades of teaching PGA pros, A-list celebrities and Hall of Fame professional athletes, I’ve finally discovered what it REALLY takes to make a smooth, consistent swing time after time after time.

And it’s not what you think it is. In fact, it’s WAY simpler than you ever thought possible.

More on that in a moment. But first, let me introduce myself…

My name is Shawn Humphries. I’m a Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Teacher and former Director of Instruction at the prestigious Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, California. I also studied under the legendary golfer Byron Nelson, and ran the ultra-elite Byron Nelson Golf School in Dallas, Texas.

Today, I am the Director of Instruction for the word-famous Dallas Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, Texas. My private students include PGA pros, top amateurs, world-class athletes, famous celebrities and corporate CEO’s including…

  • Actor and Oscar winning movie director Clint Eastwood
  • Former Cowboys quarterback and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman
  • Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith
  • Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo
  • Miami Dolphins Executive VP Bill Parcells
  • PGA Tour player Brandt Jobe
  • PGA Tour player David Hearn
  • European Tour player Jose Trauwitz

Plus MANY more …

“Take his knowledge to the golf course with you. You’ll enjoy Shawn’s approach – it is a sound game plan to better golf.
– Bill Parcells, Hall of Fame Pro Football Coach
“The benefits of working with Shawn were fairly sudden and definitely dramatic…I lowered my handicap from fourteen to three. Almost immediately, I started having more fun on the course, both while playing with friends and during charitable and celebrity tour tournaments.”– Troy Aikman, Hall of Fame Quarterback

In addition to my private teaching, I’ve appeared on television shows including NBC‘s “Today Show”… Golf Channel‘s “Golf Academy Live”… and… PGA Tour Network‘s XM channel “Making The Turn.” My articles have been published in prestigious industry publications such as Golf Magazine, Golf.com and Avid Golfer, and I operate a golf sports performance-training academy that specializes in developing youth golfers into world-class competitors.

So far…

My Golf Training Methods Have Produced
Over 500 Individual Golf Champions!

I’m talking about Junior World… AJGA… NCAA… Canadian… Nationwide… LPGA… and European Tour winners.

And today, I’d like to include YOU in that list of champions with my Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing Training program…

Inside this DVD, I’ll hand you the those two key steps to playing your absolute best golf, as well as my secrets to help you quickly and easily fix swing mistakes and start nailing the ball farther and straighter with machine-like consistency.

With my Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing System, you’ll discover:

  • How to cure embarrassing quirks in your swing… stop hitting disaster shots… and have unstoppable confidence every time you tee up!
  • The one-and-a-quarter inch adjustment PGA pros make at the tee box to nail the ball straight and true down the fairway on every drive. (Easy to adopt by golfers at any level)…
  • A huge power-sapping mistake that’s simple to correct and critical for long pinpoint accurate shots…
  • Where to stand in relation to the ball to finally stop hooking and slicing!
  • How to force the club in the perfect position on the takeaway! (This is how you get ready to slam the ball with the full force of your entire bodyweight!)
  • How to develop a smooth full backswing (regardless of age or physical condition) that loads your body with all the natural power you possess to blast “rocket-launch” shots from anywhere on the course…
  • A tiny tweak in swing mechanics — anyone can learn in two minutes flat — guaranteed to prevent butt-ugly shots that can ruin your game.
  • And much, much more!

Plus, I’ll include my Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing Training Manual as well, so you’ll have a written record of everything we learn inside the video program. This 178-page ebook is easily downloadable, so you can print off the pages you need and take them to the course with you. Stored inside your bag, this is handy tool to help put you back on track during a practice session or even a round.

“One of the best things about my nearly eighty years in golf is seeing a young pro come along who understands the golf swing the way I do.Shawn Humphries is just such a golf professional, and I’ve been impressed with him from the first time we met.”- Byron Nelson

Backed By a Rock-Solid ONE YEAR Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re so positive that your game will be transformed by the Two Step Golf Swing Training System and all the additional training that comes with it that we’re standing behind everything with this promise…

Take an entire year to test drive the program. Watch the videos and study the e-book. If, after 365 days, your game has not improved because of my Two Step Golf Swing Training, just let us know and we’ll arrange for a full 100% refund.

No questions. No fine print. No hoops to jump through. Just a written-in-stone promise—you don’t get better, you don’t pay. Simple as that.

Here’s How To Get Started Right Now…

I’ve done my best to explain how and why my program will revolutionize your golf game.

Now the ball’s in your court…

You could either: (1) Shrug your shoulders and pass. This, of course, is fine. Except I doubt if your game will get any better doing what you’ve been doing.

Or: (2) Keep chasing after the next quick fix. Getting ripped-off by peddlers of so-called “new swings”… and… other hype. You’ve probably wasted a bundle on that nonsense. But it’s your choice.

Or you can: (3) Take me up on this RISK-FREE offer to learn the real skills and techniques PGA pros and up-and-coming amateurs are relying on now — in today’s game — to win.

I honestly believe, my Two Step Golf Swing System will be the best decision you’ll ever make. As far as your golf game is concerned. I wouldn’t offer this training if I hadn’t proven how effective it is. You have my word that the instruction I provide is… first class!

When you try it today, you can look forward to…

developing a power swing to die for!

consistently hitting accurate, straight, long shots!

dominating the links from the tee box to the cup!

and… finally enjoy playing at your highest potential.

Regardless of your age, gender or physical condition. So go ahead and pull the trigger.

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ONLY: $57
Regular Price: $97
You Save: 40


Shawn Humphries

Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Teacher

P.S. By the way: My program CAN transform every area of your game. Not to mention, you’ll discover the golf improvement methods the pros use to get better. After you take this training, I can almost guarantee golf will finally become an easy and fun game for you.

But don’t take my word for it…

Listen To What My
Golf Students Have To Say…

“It is a great program. My golfing has got a ton better. My main thing was being able to hit the ball and know where it was going when I hit it. The fact that I can address the ball and 95% of the time hit it where I want is a HUGE step for me. I shot my best 9 round score ever.
– Scott Noel, Jacksonville, AL

“I have been able to do most of the drills and take what I have learned to the range and to the course and it really has made a difference. I have added 20+ yards on my distance and I am still not quite to a full swing.”
– Zac Walker, Boise, ID

“Shawn, I am enjoying the lessons and skill drills. Your slow motion drills are terrific. I have not heard of other instructors explain what the pros do to engrain proper takeaways as you have. Thanks for the help.”
– Lewis Kidd, Cupertino, CA

“Two weeks ago, after about two months of working the drills and lessons indoors due to a nasty New England winter, I took my new swing to the range. And things were definitely better.
– Peter Bloom, Mansfield, MA

“I have eliminated the terrible shots… I no longer hit the ball fat and my duck hook sometimes is gone… Can’t believe how much difference this has made, and we haven’t even gotten to the downswing lessons yet.”
– Tony C., Thomson, GA

“I played my second round of the season at Humber Valley GC here in Toronto. I never shot this low before.
– Rey D., Ontario, Canada

I’d like you to be my next success story. To make that happen, I encourage you to get my Two Steps Golf Swing Power Training System on a strictly RISK-FREE basis today…