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Celebrate the 4th of July with Independence from a Million Swing Thoughts!

“Imagine If You Could Tee It Up Without A Million Swing Thoughts Running Through Your Head… Because You Only Had To Focus on Two Easy Steps For A Perfect Golf Swing.”

Hi, I’m Shawn Humphries, a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.

Have you ever been so confused with golf instruction that you didn’t know where to turn? What if you could simplify the process of playing well and actually start enjoying the game again?

After all, we just want to go out on the course and enjoy ourselves. And that typically means NOT having a million swing thoughts while you are out trying to have fun!

I’ve discovered that if you focus on the two most important parts of the swing, everything else naturally follows.

With less to think about, beginners consistently reach impact and intermediate and advanced players develop a simple understanding of what the swing is really about.

From now through *midnight* Friday, July 6, you can get “Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing” for 50% off!

About Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing…

Experience golf instruction like never before with Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing. Developed by Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries, this revolutionary method’s well-tested success is due to its sheer simplicity. In this course, Shawn explains the fundamentals of the game in easy-to-understand language.

Discover the proper grip of the golf club, the proper ball position, the proper posture and setup, and the proper execution of the all-important swing. At the heart of his instruction, Shawn guides you through the two key elements of a perfect golf swing: Position One and Position Two.

This method benefits players of all skill levels, providing:

• A solid starting point for new golfers

• A sharp focus to help seasoned golfers

• Ways for all golfers to eliminate flaws in their swing

• Methods to reinforce and polish technique

Beginners and intermediate players alike will improve their scores and enjoyment in their game once they understand Humphries’s two positions. It won’t take years, months, or even weeks to experience substantial game improvement. This is an easy-to-execute, and more importantly, proven method for making progress fast.

Dear Shawn: I have been with your training programs (videos) now for about 1.5 years. I have 3 of the training videos. The last one that I bought- "Two Steps To a Perfect Golf Swing" is the best training video I have ever used. I had to watch the video many times and go practice and I was getting close to what you teach, but it took time to get it to cover up the flaws I already had in my swing. The past week or so I have gotten a better “groove” of what you are teaching and can score better, feel better and have the confidence that this will work. I am very happy with the results that I am having. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am 75 years old; been playing for 20 years; have a 13 handicap and have improved my golf game thanks to your video. I usually shoot 85 and up, but now I have in the past few days shot 79, 82 and today an 80. Kudos to you.

Roger K.

The Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing DVD resolved the mystery of how to make a perfect back swing for me so that the club is automatically set at shoulder height at the top of the backswing with the butt of the golf club pointing down toward the ball at address. This made the uncoiling of the hips and downswing occur more naturally and has put a nice right to left ball trajectory on my ball flight. It also helped me avoid the life long tendency of having my right shoulder come around rather than down inside the line on the downswing. I give it and Shawn’s Short Game [pitching] video the credit for reducing my handicap from 33.4 down to 12.9 in less than one year. Thanks, Shawn !

Greg C.

Greg C.

Thanks! Great stuff. I've sampled more than 2 dozen golf instructors via DVD or online and your explanations and drills are the best. Clear, helpful, and friendly with excellent video and sound. I also have your "Two Step" book on my Kindle.

Jim H, Glen Ellyn, IL

Pass on to Shawn for me that his instruction has helped my swing immensely. I've tried many different instructors’ materials over the last several years and his makes the most sense.

David M., Sheridan, IN

Thanks again for your help. You have a way of breaking down your teaching process that makes it easy for me to understand.

Roger M., Kansas City, MO

I started using the two-step approach even though I consider myself an experienced golfer. Breaking down the basics like you did in your book and DVD really helped me with my game at the end of the season. I seem to be hitting it longer and straighter (more times than not).

I have to tell you that I had subscribed to a few other golf instructors on the web, but after finding you and realizing that you are the same instructor who wrote the article in Golf magazine back in March 2007, I unsubscribed from all those other instructors and just look to you for your clear, concise, simplistic step by step guide.

Tom I. Chicago, IL

Your Two Step Swing Video was great. You explained and taught well. Worked a couple days at home on your techniques, and played yesterday with my buddies, never hit the ball so solid and crisp. Thanks again, set up a golf room in my house, will work on your techniques throughout the winter.

Gary M. West Linn, OR

Take the misery out of the game and make it what it was meant to be – fun!

Playing better golf is as simple as “one, two” with Two Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing. This innovative and informative eBook and DVD will help perfect your golf swing by using proper fundamentals and streamlining the swing into two steps. Order your system today, and in a few days, you’ll be on your way to a better game.