“What If You Learned How To Go From ‘Totally Confused’ About Your Short Game To Knowing How to Get Up and Down Like a Pro and Lower Your Scores… Forever

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Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries takes the guesswork out of your short game with a simple strategy to give you instant results!

In this DVD, you will discover how to:

  • Create the perfect setup for your greenside clubs
  • Determine the ideal landing point
  • Calculate the flight/roll ratio
  • Select the right club for your shots around the green
  • Commit to every shot around the green

By using the simple ratio process, you will uncover the fastest way to improve your short game – guaranteed!

This is the secret of the ratio process that every golfer needs to know.

Exclusive Features: Greenside Clubs, Short Game Setup, Landing Point, Ratio Process, Checkpoints, Situational Training, and Specialty Shots.

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FREE Bonus Video Package: #1

"5 Ways to Use a Gap Wedge"

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Format: Digital
  • Which mistake you can avoid by using a less lofted club from the bunker.
  • Why your pitch shots sometimes come up short.
  • How to get spin on your chip shots while maintaining your speed.
  • Which club will give you the best chance on short chip shots (even with your mishits).
  • How to master the “Bump and Run”.

FREE Bonus Video Package: #2

"5 Ways to Use a Hybrid"

$27 Value
Format: Digital
  • When you should use a hybrid instead of a putter.
  • The perfect height to tee the ball when you use a hybrid from the tee box.
  • A creative use of the hybrid to escape from the rough
  • When you should choose your hybrid from the fairway
  • The best technique for fairway waste bunkers

FREE Bonus Video Package: #3

"Short Game Secrets"

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Format: Digital
  • How to get precise with your distance wedges using Shawn's "distance wedge reducing process."
  • How to finish your chip shot so you get close to the pin (and avoid thin shots that lead to bogeys).
  • How to develop "chipping touch" so you hit your distance every time.
  • How to make your chip shots bite. (Get your ball to check, roll out, and nestle up to the flag -- instead of running across the green.)
  • How to chip from the rough. (Plus, how it's different from other chip shots.)
  • How to use a pitch shot to dig a ball out of deep rough and put it by the pin.
  • The basics of pitching -- and how to modify your swing for pitch shots.
  • How to pitch from any lie. (Hit solid shots no matter if your ball is sitting up high, halfway down in the rough, or completely buried.)
  • How to modify your footwork to hit nice, crisp pitch shots and, ultimately, lower your scores.
... and much more!

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NOW: $65.95
Regular Price: $149
You Save: 83

Shawn Humphries
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher